It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn contact lenses for years or you’re about to wear your first pair—there are some basic tips you should know to avoid problems with your lenses. Read on to learn how you can properly take care of your alternative to glasses.
Inspect the lens. Before you place a lens in your eye, you need to check to see if it’s inverted or not. First, make sure you wash and dry your hands before you handle your lens. This will prevent any bacteria from being introduced. Next, put the lens on your finger so that it forms a cup. Bring your finger up to your eye level and look at the side of the lens. If it forms a “U” shape with its top edges flared out, your contact lens is inside out. If it forms a “U” without a flare, you’re good to go.
Make a routine. Your lenses are different, meaning the left and right lenses are meant to be put in your left and right eyes, respectively. (It’s really no different than your shoes. Think about it: You wouldn’t try to put your right shoe on your left foot, would you?)  To avoid putting the wrong lens in the wrong eye, make sure you start with the same lens and eye every time. This simple trick helps you avoid switching your left and right lenses.
Keep it clean. Again, it’s important you wash your hands properly. Do this with antimicrobial soap and follow up by thoroughly drying your hands. To prevent contaminating your lenses, avoid any soap that contains creams or oils.
Avoid damage. While it may be tempting to pinch a lens with your fingertips, try to avoid doing so. You can easily nick a lens with your fingernail and cause damage. Not only that, your nails are a good source of bacteria. For these reasons, it’s best to hold your lens in the palm of your hand.


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