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A Look at Your Pet’s Eyes You may already know that animals have very different ways of seeing than humans. But did you know, for example, that dogs aren’t really color blind (contrary to popular belief)? Here are some fun facts about your pets and how they see:

These little aquatic guys have excellent, full-spectrum vision, and they also have a visual memory of up to three months. So, if you’re the person responsible for feeding them, they are able to recognize and remember you. They’re also sensitive to sudden light changes because they have no eyelids.

Furry felines see things in a lower resolution than humans, and they also see less vibrant colors than humans. However, they do have better night vision and their eyes are developed to detect small, quick movements so they are better able to catch prey.

Your trusty old sidekick can see colors, although it’s a common misconception that dogs are color blind. However, they see the world with less colors than we do. They’re o…