If you’ve ever been short on sleep or stressed to the max, you might have also experienced repetitive, uncontrollable eye spasms known as blepharospasm, or eye twitching.

While it can be annoying, eye twitching is usually painless and harmless. It typically happens when you have an increase in fatigue, stress, or caffeine intake. Once these issues stop, you’ll notice your eye twitch is likely to disappear.

In very rare cases, eye twitching can become a chronic condition and affect an individual’s quality of life. In some circumstances, it can also progress to the point of severe vision impairment.

If an eye twitch doesn’t resolve itself within a few days or the twitch is strong enough to close the entire eye or affect other areas of someone’s face, it’s time to set an appointment with our optometrist. Give our office a call at 814-234-6060 and we can determine the underlying cause of your eye twitch and begin any possible treatments.


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